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    Understanding your scan has never been easier.

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    Virtual Reality for your practice. Plan better. Operate better.

  • Medical Education

    Anatomy at your fingertips with immersive learning


The Iconic Medical VR Company

Vantari VR is an enterprise at the intersection of medical imaging and virtual reality (VR). Our proprietary applications focus on patient consultation, surgical planning and medical education. With opportunities right across the medical value chain, Vantari VR is a disruptive force in this growing market, and is set up to be the iconic medical VR company

Data is precious. Especially patients'​ medical images; images that capture critical information that drives life and death decisions. At Vantari VR we build tools to enable better visualisation, interpretation and understanding of medical images. From data acquisition to diagnostics, treatment planning and patient consultation, we are there.

Our expert technical team is developing cutting edge rendering technology and taking current visualisation of CT, MRI and other medical images into Virtual Reality where the immersive environment provides an intuitive interface to complex data sets. This along with medical training simulation, complete with haptic interactions, make Vantari VR a unique startup in the Medical VR space.

With Vantari VR you can see, understand and value the data better.


  • Dr Vijay Paul

    Dr Vijay Paul

    Co - CEO

    Vijay has over 6 years of experience working as an MD primarily in Emergency Medicine, leading teams in high pressure situations everyday. While he has had experience in the research, clinical and business elements of medicine, his passion lies in tech applications for improved health.

  • Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan

    Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan

    Co - CEO

    Nishanth is a Surgical Registrar in NSW Health, with experience in medicine and surgery in metropolitan and rural hospitals. He has a passion for technology in health care, and co-founded Vantari VR to focus on empowering patients and doctors to use medical imaging better.

  • Daniel Paull

    Daniel Paull


    Daniel develops software and manages software development projects, and likes hard technical projects and gets excited about research and innovation. He especially enjoys working on projects that are focused on high performance, scalability, computer graphics and virtual reality.



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